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Our expertise

Cloud platforms
IoT-at-scale data and machine learning
Targeted product development
Accelerate revenue
Supercharged software
A lot of passion

Pricing & Services

Product Design Sprint

Starts at $20,000
  • We work with you to define and redefine your project. You already know everything that you want for your project. Here, we develop the plan to get there and redefine its limitations over a 1 week sprint.

Product Management and Development

Contact us for pricing
  • We run your product and development. It gets built on-time and on-budget using our No Bullshit process, guaranteed. 6-month minimum committment.


Launch First

We build products that launch where 90% of all products fail to launch at all. We do this by redefining your problem so you can launch immediately. Why? Because nothing motivates you to make decisions like real users and customers. We only work on real business, not pet projects. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Real Customers

No plan survives contact with the customer. We've produced top quality applications with hundreds of clients for more than 12 years. From one person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises and this is still as true for us as it will be for you. Real Customers start with launching first and allow us to iterate as fast as possible to product-market fit.


Lean, Agile, Scrum, or Customer Development. We don't care what you call it, the only way to build quality, profitable software in today's world is to iterate as fast as possible. We use strong communication, customer insight, and tecnhical expertise to get to market fast and stay ahead.

No Bullshit

How can we gaurantee that we launch on-time and on-budget? We cut the bullshit and prioritize real value for customers. Nice to have features will get cut--aggressively and unceremoniously. If you're Fucking It Up™, we'll tell you. If we are, we'll own it. You'll know exactly what the real state of your project is at all times. That's what No Bullshit means.

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We only care about building products that launch and succeed. We hate consultants, salesmen, agencies, and bullshit. If we sound like your kind of people, say hello at .

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